Emergency Visits

Those times when you have an emergency dental need, you should be seen right away. This can happen at any time so it is good to know what constitutes as a dental emergency. These can include:

    • Severe, unexpected pain – The kind of pain that will not let you wait. This is especially true when a child is in pain as their pain tolerance is usually lower than an adults. If the pain is extremely intolerable, this could lead to a more serious health problem if not treated promptly

    • Broken Teeth or Jaw – If you have a broken jaw you will naturally go to a hospital first, but a dentist will need to be seen to assess if there was any damage to the teeth.

    • Denture Problems – If your dentures are fractured or broken, you should get them fixed right away. You should not have to go without teeth and trying to use broken dentures can lead to other issues that will need to be addressed.

If you have any questions about what constitutes as an emergency or you believe you have one please call us and we will help you.